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We work to prevent child abuse and neglect

We provide therapeutic classes for the children & home visits, parenting education, and other services for families. Short video overview

Fewer children involved in the child welfare system

Reduced foster-care placements

Helping more than 1,100 babies, toddlers and preschoolers per year

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State Street Open House

Vanessa & Levi

Watch this powerful video of a young mom, Vanessa, who found herself parenting alone when her partner unexpectedly kicked her out of their home. She had no family living in the area. Thankfully she said YES to receiving home visits from Family Building Blocks. Our home visitor made a point to visit with Vanessa & Levi wherever they were living. To never judge. To listen with compassion.

"If it wasn't for Family Building Blocks & my home visitor I wouldn't be the mom I am today. It's tough to admit that. Family Building Blocks truly cares about me as a mom. About my son Levi. And about our goals as a family."
~ Vanessa, FBB mom

Hard evidence for investing in early childhood programs

After following children for 40 years, researchers found that high-quality home-visiting and classroom programs for disadvantaged preschool children returned back to the community a whopping $7 for every $1 spent by reducing criminal activity and incarceration, lowering the number of teen pregnancies, boosting school success and graduation rates, and even improving physical health.